Professional translation service of all types of documents. This service is provided in two modes: sworn translation and simple translation. You are not sure which modality you need? Below, we explain the characteristics of both types of translation so that you can decide which is mostly useful for you.

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Sworn translation

This translation is carried out by a sworn translator who is authorized by the laws of Guatemala. The translator includes a certification before starting the translation process and includes a closure where he/she attests the translation. It also contains the translator’s registered signature and seal.

Generally, in this area, we include documents such as criminal records, police records, marriage certificates, death certificates, birth certificates, notarial documents, migration documents, diplomas or other academic documents, judicial documents, business registration certificates, contracts, power of attorneys, etc.

Many of these documents, besides being translated, they must be previously legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It depends on the requirements of the entity that is requesting the certified translations. Find more information about the legalization process in Guatemala, visit this link.

Simple translation

Unlike sworn translation, this type of translation does not require a signature or seal, it does not need a legalization and the aim is to keep the same design and format of the original document.

This type of translation includes manuals, brochures, forms, CVs, publications for social media, power point presentations, reports, documents about tourism, etc.